• tornado shelter - safe room information

    Tornado Shelters - Safe Rooms

    • Tornado shelters are available at all FSPS schools.
    • Tornado shelters on FSPS campuses are an option for anyone seeking shelter during a tornado warning. During school hours, students and staff are provided priority access to the shelter. If room is available after students and staff are safely secure, the public will be invited inside.
    • When a tornado warning siren sounds, the tornado shelters automatically unlock for residents to seek shelter.
    • FSPS Storm Shelter Managers will be present.
    • FSPS encourages residents to observe CDC guidelines for physical distancing when inside.
    • Residents may wear their PPE into the storm shelters if they feel the need to do so.
    • Pets are allowed into the shelter if they are secured in an airline-approved carrier. 
    Here is a complete list of FSPS Tornado Shelter Locations:
      1. Ballman: 2601 South Q Street
      2. Barling: 1400 D Street
      3. Beard: 1600 Cavanaugh Road
      4. Bonneville: 2500 South Waldron Road
      5. Carnall: 2524 South Tulsa Street
      6. Cavanaugh: 1025 School Street
      7. Cook: 3517 Brooken Hill Drive
      8. Euper Lane: 6601 Euper Lane
      9. Fairview: 2400 South Dallas Street
      10. Howard: 1301 North 8th Street
      11. Morrison: 3415 Newlon Road
      12. Northside High School: 2301 B. Street
      13. Orr: 3609 Phoenix Avenue
      14. Park: 4111 Park Avenue
      15. Southside High School: 4100 Gary Street
      16. Spradling: 4949 Spradling Avenue
      17. Sunnymede: 4201 North O Street
      18. Sutton: 5001 Kelley Highway
      19. Tilles: 815 North 16th Street
      20. Trusty: 3300 Harris Avenue
      21. Woods: 3201 Massard Road
      22. Chaffin: 3025 Massard Road
      23. Darby: 616 North 14th Street
      24. Kimmons: 2201 North 50th Street
      25. Ramsey: 3201 Jenny Lind Road

    Tornado Shelter - Safe Room Rules

    • Safe Room doors automatically unlock when the tornado siren sounds.
    • During school hours, students and staff have priority for Safe Room occupancy.
    • The community will only be admitted after all the students have been sheltered.
    • The Safe Room is open to the public only when a tornado warning has been issued and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded.
    • The Safe Room will remain open only until the warning is lifted. When the warning expires, the Safe Room must be evacuated.
    • Pets are not allowed in the Safe Room unless confined in an owner-provided and airline-approved carrier.
    • Food and drink are not permitted in the shelter.
    • Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in Safe Rooms and on all school property in
      accordance with Arkansas law.
    • Radios or music devices may be used only with individual earphones.
    • Safe Room doors must remain closed at all times.

    Thank you for following the directions of the Safe Room manager or the school administrator at all times.

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