Kindergarten Pre-Registration


    PreSchool and Kindergarten Registration and New Student Pre-Registration has been postponed indefinitely.

    Our Registration process consists of two steps

    1. Online Pre-Registration: The parent/guardian uses a secure web portal to enter the student’s information and complete required registration forms.
    2. In-Person Registration: The parent/guardian visits the school the student will attend to provide copies of documents required to register the student.

    Registration Instructions                                        Student with treats at table

    1) Gather needed documents

    • Official birth certificate
    • Social Security Card (or waiver)
    • Completed immunization record
    • Health screening; a kindergarten physical form can be downloaded here
    • Proof of residence in the school zone
    • Photo Identification (drivers license, state issued ID, passport or other photo ID)

    2) Find your Student’s Zoned Elementary School

    Address Search - Enter your address and find which elementary school your child will attend.

    3) Register your Student HERE (ENGLISH), or HERE (SPANISH).

    Registration will be open April 7 - May 27 and will reopen July 31st.

    • Click the above link.
    • Click the “Start” button on the left side of the page to begin.
    • You will be asked to create an account with a username and password.
    • IMPORTANT: Write down the username and password you created for future use.
    • Follow the instructions to register your student.

    4) Bring your required documentation to your zoned Elementary School building.

    * Proof of residence can be accomplished by producing:

    • One of the following:
      1) A current utility bill (within 30 days), gas or electric, showing the name and address of the student’s legal guardian within the attendance zone of the school to attend. If this is provided, no other documentation is needed.
      2) A home purchase contract including specific closing date with a copy of the deed to be provided within 90 days.
      3) Home visit to the address for verification by a designated school official.
    • Families living in a situation where these documents are in another’s name will need to provide a signed written statement from the residence provider attesting to the family living at the address along with a  utility bill in the owner’s name. The letter will need to be provided to the Student Services’ office where a Resident Statement affidavit can be signed and notarized for the parent/guardian swearing to the claimed living address. Any student qualifying for McKinney-Vento homeless benefits will receive those benefits as outlined by federal law.
    • An approved School Choice application/letter.
    • Documentation of an approved transfer within the district – class size or attendance area exception.
    • Documentation of approved legal transfers between the resident and receiving district.
    • An independent investigation may be made to confirm or deny the verification of any claimed address when seen as needed by school administration.

    Immunization Updates - Immunization information.

    Waiver Information

    In-District Waivers (Attendance Area Exceptions) - Between school zones within FSPS — Contact Student Services, 785-2501

    School Choice Act 2015- Between districts (ex. Greenwood to Fort Smith) — Contact Student Services, 785-2501

    Kindergarten Waiver Form is available here - This form is for withholding a Kindergarten-age child.

    Preschool Information

    More information can be found on the Pre-K Registration Page.