• Fifth Grade

    24 Ticonderoga Pencils w/erasers

    3 boxes of facial tissues

    2 packages of notebook paper-wide ruled, 150 pages

    1 pair of pointed scissors

    2 composition notebooks or spiral notebooks, wide-ruled

    3 glue sticks, washable school glue

    2 folders- 2 pocket, without brads

    4 highlighters- pink, blue, orange, yellow

    1 set of markers: 8 color pack, (classic colors)

    1 set of dry erase markers-Expo Low-Odor, (4 with chisel tip)

    1 one and a half inch Avery durable 3 ring binder with 5 tabs/dividers (no zippered binders)

    1 pencil box (optional)

    1 larger eraser (pink or white) or eraser heads (optional)

    1 hand pencil sharpener with cover (optional)

    1 pair of ear buds

    Girls:                                                              Boys:

           1 box of quart size Ziploc baggies                   1 box of gallon Ziploc baggies

    1 container of disinfecting wipes                    1 bottle of hand sanitizer