• Robotics is a new program at Kimmons this year. We will building from the ground up! Our program will be with the BEST Robotics. From the BEST Robotics website (http://www.bestinc.org/b_about_best.php) BEST Robotics is a middle and high school robotics competition whose mission is to engage and excite students about engineering, science, and technology as well as inspire them to pursue careers in these fields. If your not into building or programming a robot, we may still have a spot for you. With the BEST Robotics competition we compete in categories like:


    • Oral Presentation
    • Educational Display
    • Project Engineering Notebook
    • Spirit and Sportsmanship
    • Most Photogenic Machine
    • Most Elegant Machine
    • Best Web Page Design
    • Best CAD Design
    • Best Team Video
    • Best T‐shirt  
    • Best Middle School  Team
    • Best Small School Team
    • Best Rookie Team
    • Top Gun (most points scored in a single match)


    To check out the theme for next year visit the BEST Robotic website to view the video sneak peek. We will have a meeting in early September 2018 and then kick-off will be in early October 2018! I hope you join the fun!


    Robotics 2018         Robotics 2018


                                               Robotics 2018