• Fort Smith Council of PTAs

    The Fort Smith Council of PTAs links local school units to the community, to the state and to the nation. It’s purpose is to build stronger and more effective PTAs, and to broaden and deepen the public understanding of home-school cooperation.

    The Fort Smith Council of PTAs provides opportunities for idea exchange, planning, study and problem solving. Leadership training through events like the School of Information is also among the top priorities. Links to the Arkansas PTA and the National PTA provide information and give parents and community members a way to explore the work and issues of the PTA.


    Treasurer's Handbook from Arkansas PTA

    Important Council Meeting Dates

    October 3rd - Spradling @ Noon

    December 5th - Sutton @ Noon

    February 6th - Bonneville @ Noon

    May 6th (Monday) - Awards Banquet - Fairview @ 5:30


    President - Lee Andra White, leeandra_2k@yahoo.com
    Vice President - Ronika Morgan, ronikamorgan@gmail.com
    Secretary - Ashley Morocco, amorocc1@fortsmithschools.org
    Treasurer - Angelica Hernandez, ahernand@fortsmithschools.org
    Be a Pig - Charles Warren, cwarren@fortsmithschools.org
    Outreach - Betsy Hayes, ehys3@aol.com
    Reflections - Christine Hardin, ctkrooster@yahoo.com
    Membership - Jennifer Jenkins, runjenrunn@mynewroads.com
    Membership - Meredith Rea, meredith@rossathletic.com
    Awards - Stacy Stites, stacystites@cox.net
    Awards - BJ Barrie, mrsbjbarrie@gmail.com
    Hospitality - Kay Ashby, shortyashby@sbcglobal.net
    Hospitality - Jane Kuykendall, jkuykend@fortsmithschools.org
    Diversity - George Griffiths, ggriffit@fortsmithschools.org
    Diversity - Adriana Roque, adriroque21@yahoo.com

    Committees - Membership, Awards, Reflections, Bylaws, Outreach, Scholarship, Webpage, Hospitality 


    2018-2019 PTA Presidents

    Ballman----------Matt Friery
    Barling-----------Montana Jennings
    Beard------------Tina King
    Belle Point-------Michelle Johnson
    Bonneville-------Chrissy Pergeson
    Carnall-----------Valerie Farrar
    Cavanaugh------Ronika Morgan
    Chaffin-----------Stacey Grandstaff
    Cook-------------Stephanie Beadle
    Darby------------Maleb Kelley
    Euper Lane------Nicole West
    Fairview---------Ashley Mathews
    Howard----------Zue Ella Gray
    Kimmons--------Lena Medlock
    Morrison--------Amber Clark
    Northside-------Stacy Stites
    Orr --------------Reynda Allen
    Pike-------------Sara Williams
    Ramsey---------Shannon Shell
    Southside-------Gaby Woodrome
    Spradling-------Joshua Bogdon
    Sunnymede-----Mandy Bush
    Sutton-----------Kirsten Amos
    Tilles------------Jennifer Lyon
    Trusty-----------Elizabeth Kaylor
    Woods----------BJ Barrie