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2022-2023 FSPS Board Seated, Blackwell Elected as President

The 2022-2023 Board of Education was seated during a called board meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday June 20. Newly elected board members Davin Chitwood, Sandy Dixon and Phil Whiteaker joined veteran members Dee Blackwell, Matt Blaylock, Dalton Person, and Talicia Richardson.   

Following the election of all seven members, the newly seated directors drew for Board Terms of up to five years. Dee Blackwell and Sandy Dixon will serve two years. Davin Chitwood and Matt Blaylock will serve three years. Talicia Richardson and Phil Whiteaker will serve four years and Dalton Person will serve the single five-year term. Each director can be re-elected for five-year terms following the initial terms drawn based on the five-year cycle.

Board members elected Dee Blackwell as the 2022-2023 president, Talicia Richardson, vice president and Dalton Person as Board secretary with a 7/0 vote. Blackwell and Richardson were also elected as Primary Board Disbursing Officer and Alternate Board Disbursing Officer, respectively, also with a 7/0 vote.


2022-2023 FSPS Board of Education members

The 2022-2023 Fort Smith Public Schools Board of Education was seated in a called board meeting this evening. From left to right, Board members Matt Blaylock (at-large), Davin Chitwood (at-large), Talicia Richardson (Zone 4), Dee Blackwell (Zone 3), Phil Whiteaker (Zone 1), Sandy Dixon (Zone 2), Dalton Person (Zone 5) are pictured here with Superintendent Dr. Terry Morawski.