• Counseling Services 

    Hello!  My name is Jane Stewart and I am the School Counselor and Parent Involvement Coordinator at Howard Elementary School.  Welcome to Howard Elementary School’s Counseling Page.

     My goal as counselor is aligned directly with our school mission; to develop successful and responsible citizens for our community.  I am here to help the students with whatever they need to thrive at school.  My services at Howard include guidance lessons in the classrooms, individual and group counseling services in my office, and community outreach for families.  In addition to working with our children, I work with parents in many ways, including setting developmentally appropriate expectations at home, minimizing stressful situations for children, and understanding things from a child’s perspective.

     Our family here at Howard is committed to lifelong learning.  This means we are constantly learning from each other every day, as students, staff and parents. We share a common goal of growing a community of learners who meet challenges competently and support each other in making strong choices.  My goal is to work with our students every day in developing empathy and teaching them how to deal with normal emotions in a healthy way.

     I believe the most critical part of my job is to show our students the importance of self-respect and how having self-respect opens up opportunities one would not otherwise have.  Self-respect helps us in developing goals, staying true to our action plans and being proud of our accomplishments!

     If there is ever a time you would like to share something with me or request that I visit with your child, please reach out to me at any time through the school office at (479)783-7382 or contact me directly during or after school hours through email at jstewart@fortsmithschools.org