• Welcome to Sutton!

    The "New School" was completed in 1958 during a time of tremendous growth in the Arkansas River Valley. It was built at a cost of $326,550 paid predominantly with PL 815 federal monies. The "New School" boasted 16 classrooms with one wing devoted entirely to the 1st and 2nd-grade classrooms. The heating and ventilation systems were "state of the art", allowing fresh air in the classrooms at all times. The walls were painted a "soothing green" that was promised to aid the thinking process.

    Sutton Elementary received its name when Doss Sutton traded land to the Fort Smith Public Schools which the school system truly considered a gift. Fort Smith Public Schools then named the "New School" after Mr. Sutton as a recognition of his charity.

    Subsequent additions were made in 1962, 1992, 2003, and 2021. Renovations in 2003 added six new classrooms along with an expanded office space and entryway. The renovations in 2021 redistributed office and entryway space to allow for a secure vestibule to enhance school safety. Now, Sutton houses 24 classrooms, including 2 special education self-contained classrooms, 2 preschool classrooms, and 3 alternative education classrooms based on the Boys' Town model.

    2021-2022 Staff Photo


    • American Indian/Alaskan: .4%
    • Asian: 8.4%
    • African American: 13% 
    • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: .4%
    • Hispanic/Latino: 59.3%
    • Caucasian: 8.1%
    • Two or More Races:  2%

    School Colors

    Our school colors are red, white, and black. 

    Fridays have been designated as “Show Your Sutton Spirit Day” where students and faculty wear their Sutton t-shirts.

    School Mascot