The Fort Smith Public Schools Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit corporation created to enhance the quality of education in the Fort Smith Public Schools by providing the money necessary for programs not otherwise funded by the Fort Smith Public School District.

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    Chances are if you were asked to name who most influenced your life, one would be a teacher.

    It might be the "toughest sixth-grade teacher in the whole world" who, through her structure and consistency, wrapped up your first years in school and prepared you for your next educational milestones.

    You might think of the slightly eccentric high school English teacher, who, through their instruction and encouragement, gave your skills and ideas a confident voice.

    The Fort Smith Public Schools Foundation, Inc. is a 501(3)c corporation, established to promote academic excellence and complement the programs of the Fort Smith Public School District.

    It was endorsed by the Fort Smith Board of Education on June 24, 1996, and subsequently received tax-exempt, non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service. It is the endeavor of the governing board to develop funds that will be used to improve the quality of education through:

    • Teacher Enrichment
    • Student Enrichment
    • Instructional Grants
    • Continuing Education Scholarships
    • Recognition Programs

    Consider the framework of knowledge that your teachers helped you-and many others-attain. Your support will enhance learning in Fort Smith and impact the future.


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