Honoring Our Heroes: Fort Smith School District's Commitment to Veterans

Thank You Veterans

    At FSPS, we recognize the invaluable contributions that military veterans bring to our educational community, and we believe that their unique skills and experiences greatly enhance the educational environment for our students. We honor the sacrifices of our veterans and actively seek their employment within our organization.  By employing veterans, we create a diverse and enriched learning environment that fosters a sense of duty, discipline, and dedication.

    For information on our veteran-focused initiatives or potential employment opportunities for veterans, please contact Dr. Amy Manley, Director of Recruitment for Human Resources.

    Why Veterans in Education Matter

    • Leadership and Discipline: Veterans bring a wealth of leadership experience and discipline acquired during their service. These leadership skills help create a positive and structured learning environment and provide students with strong role models. 

    • Teamwork and Collaboration: Military service emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Our veteran educators foster a sense of unity among students and promote cooperative approaches to learning in the classroom.

    • Adaptability and Resilience: Veterans have faced diverse challenges and have learned to adapt to different situations with resilience. This adaptability is a valuable asset in the dynamic field of education, where flexibility and problem-solving skills are essential.

    Utilizing Military Backgrounds to Benefit Students

    The unique skill set possessed by veterans is harnessed to benefit students in various ways:

    • Mentorship and Guidance: Veterans serve as mentors. Through their life experiences and commitment to service, they set great examples that inspire students to set goals and overcome obstacles.

    • Character Education: Veteran educators share essential military-related values such as integrity, perseverance, and respect.  These significant qualities contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals and prepare students to become leaders of tomorrow.  

    • Community Engagement: Veterans are service-minded.  They understand the importance of community connection, civic responsibility, and patriotism.

    Join Us in Honoring Our Veterans

    At FSPS, we invite you to join us in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our veterans within our district. Together, we are creating an educational environment that values diversity, instills strong principles, and prepares our students for success.  THANK YOU to all of our district’s esteemed veterans.


    1. Alison Gleason
    2. Angelia Daniels
    3. Anthony Cox
    4. Arron Lincoln
    5. Brian Mason Pyper
    6. Bridget Borges
    7. Carissa Malanowski
    8. Cedra Flake
    9. Christopher Chapple
    10. Christopher Norwood
    11. Clint Gillman
    12. Craig Tecmire
    13. Daniel Moreno
    14. Darla Sampley
    15. David Thomas
    16. Diego Olivarez
    17. Edward Haswell
    18. Elias Galvan 
    19. Emilee Moss
    20. Eric Stuhan
    21. Gwen Zachary
    22. Jacob Cochenour
    23. Jamie Batson
    24. Jason Bugeja
    25. Jason Meharg
    26. Jason Williamson
    27. Jeff Judkins
    28. Jeffrey Abernathy
    29. Jessica Beshears
    30. Joseph Cope
    31. Joshua Bogdon
    32. Judy Coleman
    33. Justin Williamson
    34. Kathyrn Duncan
    35. Kenneth Pollard
    36. Lana McLaughlin
    37. Laura Carter
    38. Lee Gaston
    39. Mark Crane
    40. Mary Sutton
    41. Melissa Mullin
    42. Michael Colbert
    43. Michael Maxwell
    44. Michelle (Nora) Mudd
    45. Nicole Shaffer
    46. Paul Mason
    47. Penny Harris
    48. Peyton Hall
    49. Rachel Jernigan
    50. Randy Cooley
    51. Sandra Bausley
    52. Sayuri Barnett
    53. Sharla Whitson
    54. Shawn Shaffer
    55. Sherri Ray
    56. Sunshine Birchf
    57. Talithia Jones
    58. Thomas Johnson
    59. Todd Watkins
    60. Veronica Luna-Geels