• Mission Statements


    Fort Smith Public Schools

    Fort Smith Public Schools, a premier district where innovation creates excellence, is dedicated to providing an equitable, challenging educational experience by engaging families and community partners as we prepare students to embrace their roles in our culturally diverse community and rapidly changing world.


    Euper Lane Mission Statement

    To set high goals for success in life and school for each leaner in a positive atmosphere.

    Today I will:

    Be in charge of my learning

    Work toward my goals

    Choose to be positive & kind

    Make my school the BEST!



    Euper Lane Vision Statement:

    We envision a school in which a united staff will:
    Foster positive relationships
    Use data to create assessments in order to monitor progress toward our goals
    Work collaboratively to develop meaningful learning experiences
    Encourage initiative
    Demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and general well-being of each student.