• Mission


    Our mission at Orr Elementary is to ignite learning in a fun, safe, respectful, and accepting environment in which all students thrive!


    picture of the staff of Orr Elementary



    Orr Elementary is a premier school where all learners are empowered to thrive. Learning is personalized through a results driven, collaborative and reflective culture.


    Collective Commitments


    These are the commitments that we have made as a staff to accomplish our mission and vision.

    1. I will demonstrate a positive attitude.
    2. I will actively collaborate and share with members of my team.
    3. I will encourage my students, parents, and co-workers.
    4. I will consistently reflect on instructional practices and student learning.
    5. I will teach the agreed upon essential standards and learning targets, and I will assess them using our common formative assessments.
    6. I will make expectations and the reasons for those expectations clear.
    7. I will build meaningful relationships with students, parents, and co-workers.