• 5th Grade

    We like to investigate different STEM subjects using the 5E Model where we

    • Engage- find something fascinating or interesting to get student interest
    • Explore- let students use real or virtual manipulative to find out more about the subject
    • Explain- allow students to voice what they understand about the subject
    • Extend- Use the knowledge they've gained so far (usually to build something or do an experiment)
    • Evaluate- determine if students gained a new skill set or base of knowledge

    Our class often uses Mystery Science lessons to investigate central questions aligned to what 5th graders should know by the end of the grade.

    We've also used Tinkercad and 3-D printers to build original sculptures that will combine into a group sculpture. We've recently used Ozobots and a coding app to code mini-robots to travel through mazes that the students have constructed.