• Apprenticeships

    The Fort Smith Adult Education Center offers two different apprenticeship programs: an Electrical Apprenticeship and a Residential Construction Apprenticeship Program.

    Apprentices entering the electrical trade are required to be licensed by the Arkansas Department of Labor, Board of Electrical Examiners. This is a four-year program consisting of 640 hours of classroom instruction coinciding with 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. When a student completes the program, he or she will be granted a "release to test" and can submit an application to sit for the journeyman electrician's exam. Our classes are offered through partnership with the Arkansas Construction Education Foundation. (Myacef.org)

    Our Residential Construction Apprenticeship Program (RCAP) is offered in partnership with the Greater Fort Smith Association of Homebuilders. This program is an 18 month, 288 hour program. Skills taught include:

    • Building walls
    • Installing roof joists, rafters and trusses
    • Laying roofs with plywood and shingles
    • Insulating, weather-stripping and caulking
    • Installing doors, windows and siding
    • Laying wood floors and stairs
    • Installing interior finish and trim
    • Installing cabinets and countertops
    • Building forms for concrete
    • Using green building techniques to re duce resources, conserve energy, increase durability of structures and improve indoor air quality

    More details: fortsmithhomebuilders.org



    We also periodically offer a 40-hour pre-apprenticeship class at the Fort Smith Adult Education Center, to prepare students for careers in industrial maintenance, construction, or other trades. This class includes:

    Construction Employment Readiness: This course prepares students for employment in the building trades, with an emphasis on employer expectations. Students learn about the nature of construction work, drug testing practices, expected work ethic, and the importance of showing up to work and being punctual. Students develop an understanding of harassment in the workplace and how to handle these situations. Students complete a construction readiness assessment and develop a plan to meet employment requirements, such as having a driver’s license, and reliable transportation.

    Job Search and Interview Skills: This course teaches students about job search techniques and skills in preparation for finding employment in the construction trades. Students learn about the different procedures for applying for apprenticeships and jobs, complete applications and prepare a resume listing relevant work experience, practice interviewing, and track career exploration activities.

    Industrial Safety: This course provides an overview of safe work practices for the construction industry. Students learn about OHSA, common jobsite hazards and preventative measures, personal protective equipment and its uses, scaffold and ladder safety, fall protection, confined spaces, alarms and evacuation procedures. Students practice safe use of tools and proper lifting and carrying of materials.

    First Aid/CPR: This course teaches students how to administer CPR and basic first aid, as applied to construction trades. Students will identify signals of medical emergencies and how to care for them. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn Red Cross Certification.