Emerging Art & Design Program Overview

  • Art finds its way into nearly every facet of our lives in one way or another, whether it be social media advertisements, the set of plates in your kitchen cabinet, or the packaging of your favorite snack. Emerging Art & Design students at PEAK will discover how art is used as a tool of communication and influence. Investigate art by creating, responding, and connecting with designs across cultures and periods.

    PEAK Art students will use industry-standard technology and equipment to generate and conceptualize artistic ideas that integrate real-world issues. They will develop a portfolio of work demonstrating 21st-century skills, present in gallery exhibitions to peers and community partners, and gain the skills necessary to earn technical certifications in industry-recognized digital software.

    The Peak Emerging Art & Design pathway is available to Fort Smith Public Schools students only and incorporates three areas of study:

    • Media Arts
    • Art History
    • Studio Art

    Future Potential Occupations: 

    • Art Dealer
    • Art Historian
    • Broadcast Technician
    • Camera Operator
    • Curator
    • General & Operations Manager
    • Graphic Designer
    • Museum Director
    • Photographer
    • Radio & TV Announcer