• 1:1 Classrooms

    Fort Smith Public Schools is providing students the opportunity to participate in a digital conversion program where students are issued Chromebook devices for school use.  This is an innovative approach where learners have access to a rich array of technological tools intended to enhance both teaching and learning.  


    Our purpose is building foundations in citizenship, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.  

    • Students will demonstrate digital citizenship by learning and following responsible behavior. Students working on a Chromebook
    • Using technology allows students to learn at their full potential and prepares them for the real-world applications of their learning in college and the work place. 
    • Digital learning integrates technology into the curriculum any time, any place. 
    • Learning results from the dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents, and the extended community. 
    • Digital learning encourages students to solve problems and think critically by stimulating analytical thinking. 
    • Technology transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning.