Alternative Education

  • In keeping with the mission of the Fort Smith Public Schools District, which stresses assisting each student in realizing their academic and personal success today and in the future, the District offers a number of educational choices supporting the development of students whose educational needs are not met by traditional programs.  These choices include classrooms which accommodate the varied learning styles of students and provide programs which utilize a variety of methods and materials.  Alternative learning classrooms provide students who have not had success in a traditional program to participate in a program designed to address social, behavioral, and/or academic challenges he/she may face. It is the purpose of each alternative setting to provide the counseling, behavioral support, and academic support that will assist the student in returning to a regular classroom setting.

    Belle Point Center offers opportunities for at-risk students in grades 6-12.   BPC provides a normal high school curriculum in a closely supervised environment.  The student to teacher ratio in these classes is kept small.  Belle Point Center also offers a study skills class for 17 year old students who wish to pursue a GED.     

    Early Intervention Kindergarten (EIK) and Opportunity Center classes are offered to elementary students who are not being successful in a regular classroom setting due to behavior issues. EIK, Opportunity Center I (grades 1 and 2), Opportunity Center II (grades 3 and 4), and Opportunity Center III (grade 5)  are located at Sutton Elementary School. 

    The PAR program (Positive Attitude Renewal) is located at Fairview Elementary.  PAR provides an alternative to suspension for elementary students.  

    The Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) classroom implements the PACE Learning System by incorporating the Individualized Reading Instructional System (IRIS), which emphasizes instruction at an individual pace, along with an accelerated learning lab and a transitional skill lab aimed at work-readiness and work maturity skills.  Twenty-eight students received their GED diploma in the last academic year.  Our GED program is recognized as a leading program in the state.