Register for Bus Service

  • Registration Process: Secure Your Seat

    FSPS provides bus transportation to students living in an FSPS transportation zone.  The FSPS transportation zone is defined as the two-mile radius around the school.  Some areas of the district that are in a transportation zone may have limited school bus service due to factors such as time, distance, and availability.  

    New and returning bus students request and register for bus transportation by filling out this Passenger Registration Form (formulario de registro de pasajeros). This form should be:

    a) completed with all the requested information

    b) signed by BOTH the student and the parent, and

    c) returned to the bus driver to complete the passenger registration process.


    To register your child for our bus service, simply follow these steps:

      1. Access and download the form here
      2. Review and Acknowledge the Bus Rules: Review the bus conduct guidelines with your child to guarantee their understanding and compliance. These rules are vital for maintaining a safe environment for all passengers.
      3. The student-issued a bus pass must be presented when boarding and exiting the bus. This pass is a critical part of our safety protocol. 


students in line to catch the bus