• Spradling Tech Club

    Our aim is to educate Spradling students with the latest technology trends and skills.  Through our club, students will gain knowledge about technology that will facilitate future opportunities.  Weekly meetings promote student collaboration and encourage the extraordinary.

    Throughout the year, we focus on various areas of technology with our students.  Here are a few.

    Learn coding through code.org

    Backed by tech giants and enthusiasts such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, and will.i.am (to name a few) this platform enables students to tackle on coding through a very basic, yet challenging, visual system.  Code.org activities teach the basics of coding and help students develop in-depth problem solving skills required for many applications of technology.

    To watch a video about Code.org click here.

    To visit Code.org click here.

    Prepare for the future with 3D printing

    Dive into the future with the technology that will change it!  3D printing, once a pipedream, is now an affordable reality in our very own schools.  Students learn about 3D shapes and design, how to manipulate the 3D space, and best practices when 3D printing.  Students create designs of their choice and make it a reality!

    To watch a video on what 3D printing looks like click here.

    Become technology magicians with Green Screen recording

    Green Screen recording is used in many fields of media today and learning to manipulate and use the technology is a valuable asset for any student.  Green screen recording enables students to literally make magic happen before their eyes.  Using advanced tools, students learn how to edit video and audio, manipulate green screen effects, and produce a product that looks visually stunning.

    Explore the inner workings of everyday technology

    Eliminating the mystery of what goes on inside a device is common for students here.  Devices that are phased-out, broken, unwanted, or obsolete are free game for students to tinker with.  Students practice hands-on skills that include opening devices, putting them back together, and learning about the machinery within and their function.  Students get to take apart old laptops, projectors, monitors, radios, and printers.

Child working on programming a Sphero