• Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Beliefs

    Fort Smith School District Mission Statement

    Fort Smith Public Schools, a premier district where innovation creates excellence, is dedicated to providing an equitable, challenging educational experience by engaging families and community partners as we prepare students to embrace their roles in our culturally diverse community and rapidly changing world.

    Ballman Elementary Mission Statement

    Achieving maximum potential for all to prepare for the best life…
    The Ballman Way!

    Ballman Elementary Vision Statement

    We are an innovative school aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing
    world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and
    respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, and compassion.
    Development of these skills is the cornerstone of education.
    Students will work toward their maximum potential today to be prepared for tomorrow.

    Collective Commitments For Staff:

    1.  I will provide a positive, supportive school culture where everyone feels emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe.

    2.  I will promote and celebrate student successes.

    3.  I will meet individual needs by monitoring and using evidence of student learning gathered from formative assessments to improve my instruction.

    4.  I will teach the essential skills of our agreed-upon curriculum, unit by unit.

    5.  I will enhance student engagement by fostering students' intellectual curiosity.

    6.  I will be a positive, contributing member of my collaborative team.

    7.  I will work effectively with my colleagues to achieve our SMART goals.

    8.  I will keep parents informed of the progress of their children.


    Ballman Elementary Values


    Engaged students have fewer behavior problems
    Set procedures and be consistent
    Create positive relationships for positive behavior
    Active, relevant learning contributes to positive behavior
    Positive incentives will improve behavior

    (Learning for Students)

    All students can learn and make progress
    Active involvement creates productive learners
    Provide a safe environment for active learning
    Build positive teacher/child relationships
    Children learn from each other


    Assessment drives instruction
    Differentiated instruction is necessary to meet all student needs
    Students deserve to be challenged  -  Set high expectations
    Essential questions and instruction must be meaningful
    The pace of instruction is determined by the pace of learning

    (Learning for Adults)

    Adults are life-long learners
    Learn from our mistakes and experiences
    We learn from each other
    We choose our own paths
    If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you can’t.