• Title I

    Title I, the largest of the Federal programs, serves approximately 8,156 students in Fort Smith. The program, which targets children with reading and math deficiencies, is active in 19 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools, and 4 non-public schools.

    Eighteen public elementary schools and two secondary schools are Title I school-wide projects. These schools have enough children from low-income homes to qualify for a whole-school program.  One district elementary school program is targeted-assistance. 

    Selection of a school for Title I service is based on the number of children who receive either a free or reduced lunch. Once a school qualifies as a school-wide program, students from all grade levels are eligible for service.  In the targeted assistance program, specific students are targeted for services.  The purpose of the program is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core content areas from all students, especially those students in most need academically.  Strategies are also in place to increase and support parental involvement.