Assessment, Standards, and Instructional Support

  • Fostering Educator Excellence, Student Success
    Supporting Growth and Achievement in Education

    At Fort Smith Public Schools (FSPS), we understand that assessment and instructional support underpin effective teaching and learning. Our department is dedicated to enhancing educational outcomes by providing critical support to educators and creating engaging learning experiences for students. The mission of the FSPS Assessment and Instructional Support Department is to align assessments with high-quality instruction to enhance student learning. Our vision encompasses a strategy where data-driven insights inform teaching, fostering an environment where every student's academic needs are met and educators receive the support necessary for professional excellence.


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  • Driven by Continuous Improvement

    Fort Smith Public Schools prioritizes data-driven decision-making, utilizing various assessments like formative, summative, and benchmark tests. Regular analysis of assessment data by teachers and administrators allows for targeted interventions and adjustments to instructional practices. Additionally, the district aligns assessments with state and national standards, ensuring adequate curriculum coverage and understanding of students meeting learning outcomes. Based on assessment results, differentiated instruction caters to individual student needs and diverse learning styles. Ongoing professional development for teachers helps interpret assessment data and implement evidence-based instructional strategies. Collaboration is emphasized for continuous improvement, with technology integration facilitating streamlined assessments and real-time feedback. The district establishes a system for monitoring and evaluating improvement initiatives, making periodic adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.

    Below are the Academic Achievement presentations that have been presented at the board meetings each month to update the public on how the district is implementing changes to raise our grades.