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    Career and Technical Education
    Programs of Study

    Students can participate in classes that will help them to develop specific career skills. They can earn a certification in these areas and are awarded graduation cords for their completion. We encourage all students to participate in one or more of these programs as they prepare for college and career. 

    • Accounting
    • Business 
    • Finance
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Insurance and Investments
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Mobile Applications
    • Office Administration
    • Programming
    • Photography
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)
    • Sports Medicine
    • Construction Technology
    • Family and Consumer Science
    • JROTC
    • Social Media and Communications
    • Teaching K-12
    • Television Production



    Students should register for the ACT College Admissions Exam as soon as they are ready upon entering the 9th grade. The College and Career Readiness Program will help students to prepare for this exam. Students who are eligible could receive the exam for free; see your school counselor for more details.

    Tassel Time

    Tasseltime is another great resource for both students and parents. The login information is available in the counseling office or media center of each school. 

    Western Arkansas Technical Center

    Western Arkansas Technical Center is another way for students to become college and career ready by taking career specific courses. The WATC classes are free and allow students to take college credited courses while still in high school.  


    Our goal as Career Development Facilitators is to support all students in their efforts to be college and career ready. We encourage students to participate in classes that support their interests, strengths, and career goals.

    Amye Chambers – Darby and Chaffin 

    Stephanie Freeman – Ramsey and Kimmons