• Cafecito is a program of the ELL Special Programs Department designed to support Latino immigrant families as they assimilate into the new culture.  Cafecito, or "little coffee," is the common Latin American word to refer to the tradition of conversing with friends over a cup of coffee.  Cafecito gatherings are conducted in Spanish not only to reduce time taken for interpretation but also to make parents feel more comfortable and welcomed in our schools.  Gatherings consist of presentations to discuss with parents the importance of preparing their students for graduation and staying up-to-date with their child's performance in school.  Gatherings are also to inform parents about events and news affecting them and their children in that particular month, among many other topics.  According to survey results, parents enjoy Cafecito Gatherings; they value the welcoming atmosphere of the schools and appreciate that such gatherings are held so that they can express their own opinions and foster better relationships in our schools.

  • FSPS Cafecito Gathering facilitated by George Griffiths.