The Board of Education of the Fort Smith School District recognizes that prompt, regular attendance in school is extremely important. Excessive absenteeism not only adversely affects the learning process of students but may impede the normal progression of a student through the grades. The Board expects each student to attend all scheduled classes and daily activities except when a student has been excused by the principal or principal’s designee. Students who report to school but fail to attend all scheduled classes and activities, except where officially excused, are contributing to the potential disruption of the instructional program. A parent/guardian or persons with loco parentis have the responsibility to require his/her student prompt, regular school attendance. A parent/guardian should be familiar with the educational program of the school and rules regarding attendance and student behavior. Unless a student has an excused absence from school, he/she should be in attendance. Excessive absences may result in a denial of promotion or graduation(ACA 6-18-222).. Excessive unexcused absences may result in the filing of a Family in Need of Services (FINS) petition with the juvenile court.