The function of the In School Suspension (ISS) is to provide an additional choice for disciplinary action. ISS is supervised by a certified teacher. Students assigned to ISS will have the privilege of attending school and maintaining grades, as well as having continuity of class studies. Students must attend the full number of periods assigned to ISS before he/she will be returned to regular classes. Students must attend ISS from 8:04 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. on the days assigned. Students will turn in their phone to the ISS teacher when they enter the room. Students who do not report to ISS may be assigned a 40 minute detention. If a student leaves school for any reason during the assigned day, the remainder of the day must be made up when the student returns. Students who fail to complete their work in ISS may be held over until such work is completed to the satisfaction of the administrator. While in ISS, students receive a morning and afternoon restroom break, and will eat lunch with the ISS group. If a student does not follow the rules in ISS, he/she may be suspended by administrators.