All Fort Smith Schools have closed campuses. This means that once a student arrives on campus, leaving for any reason without following procedures will be considered truancy. If a student must leave for an appointment, a note must be presented in order to receive an exit slip or the parent must come into the attendance office and sign out the student. The note should have the reason and time for leaving. Unexpected or emergency requirements to leave school early can be arranged through the Assistant Principal or designee. Parents should note that students will not be allowed to leave with anyone who is not listed on their registration sheet.

    Students will be allowed to leave at lunch ONLY with their parent/guardian and ONLY if that parent/guardian comes in and signs out the student. Leaving campus without following these procedures will be considered unexcused. Students must return to school and check in through the front office before the tardy bell rings at the end of the twenty-five minute lunch period. Only parents are allowed to eat lunch at school with a student.