In order to enhance high standards and promote the teaching and learning process in our schools, we must encourage neatness, cleanliness and decency in personal dress and appearance of all students. In view of that, all students will be expected to be dressed and groomed to present a respectable image to promote an environment conducive to student learning during the school day and at school activities.
    Dress Code Violations:
    1st-3rd   Warning/Documentation
       4th       1 lunch detention issued by the office
    5th-9th   2 lunch detentions issued by the office
    10th +    1 day of ISS


    1. Students will be expected to wear school clothing to school.
    2. Styles must not infringe on the rights of others or pose a hazard to personal safety.
    3. State health laws require that shoes be worn at all times.
    4. Hair must be neat and clean

    Specific Prohibitions:

    1. Clothing styles that are revealing to the point of disruption or distraction.

    Examples include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Spaghetti straps.

    2. Any type of strapless apparel.

    3. Shirts, blouses or tops that expose any part of the stomach.

    4. Any type of spandex apparel or clothing that is tight to the point of being inappropriately revealing.

    5. Low-cut attire, bare backs, halter tops, mesh attire, or shirts, tops, or blouses with open sides, tank tops, see- through clothing, etc. Straps on girls’ tops must extend from the edge of the neck to the tip of the shoulder.

    6. Undergarments (underwear, bra, etc.) cannot be exposed.

    2.  Clothing or body art that advocates poor standards of character and citizenship.

    Items in this category include:

    1. Advertisements for alcohol, drugs, e-cigarettes, or tobacco.

    2. Displays of excessive violence. Slogans associated with death, suicide or killing are a few examples.

    3. Suggestive language, slogans or sexual connotations.

    3.  Clothing, drawings, body art, jewelry, symbols or items that denote or suggest membership in a public school fraternity, sorority, secret society or organization, or gang. 

    4.  Skirt length must extend to 2 inches above the knee.

    5.  Guidelines for lower body clothing.

    1. Students will be permitted to wear jeans, long slacks or capri pants. Shorts must extend below the mid-thigh.

    2. Shorts or skorts may be worn at activities before or after school, practices, rehearsals, or workouts at the discretion of the sponsor. All other dress code policies will be followed.

    6.  All clothing must be worn in the manner in which it was intended. Clothing with straps, suspenders, etc., must be worn with all straps properly fastened. 

    7.  Sleepwear, house shoes, slippers, etc. are prohibited.

    8. Clothing with rips, tears or holes above the midthigh is prohibited. Flesh cannot be shown through rips or tears above midthigh.

    9. Hats or other head coverings are prohibited on campus except at athletic events or outdoor activities.

    10. “Sagging” or “bagging” is prohibited.

    11. Gloves of any kind are prohibited.

    12. Sunglasses (worn in the building) are prohibited.

    13. Any type of chain, including wallet chains, dog chains or collars, or studded apparel is prohibited.

    14. Blankets are prohibited.

    15. Costumes are prohibited including accessories such as tails, ears, etc.

    16. A face mask will be worn according to state and district guidelines.