The following articles are prohibited on school property:

    1. Tobacco products (cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, etc.)

    2. Weapons (guns, ammunition, knives, throwing stars, darts, nunchucks, brass knuckles, clubs).

    3. Water pistols, cap guns, plastic guns, sling shots, paintballs, etc.

    4. Firecrackers, smoke bombs, rockets, stink bombs, poppers, bang snaps, anything containing gunpowder, etc.

    5. Horns and other noisemakers.

    6. Drug paraphernalia and literature.

    7. Drugs (medicine must be kept in the attendance office).

    8. Spray paints, paints, indelible markers or any other items that may be inhalants.

    9. Electronic gaming during school hours.

    10. Hats during school hours.

    11. Pornographic, sexually explicit, or sexually suggestive materials. (Including electronic materials.)

    12. Gang related items, clothing, drawings, jewelry, symbols, other signs, etc.

    13. Wallet chains, dog chains, collars, or any other types of chains.

    14. Matches, cigarette lighters, or other incendiary devices.

    15. Laser pointers or other devices.

    16. Toys.

    17. Hard candy, sunflower seeds, and cough drops (Cough medicine must be liquid).

    18. Sharpies or permanent markers.

    19. Skateboards and similar devices.

    20. Pepper spray and mace.

    21. Face paint.

    22. Bandanas.

    23. Glass containers containing liquids to drink.

    24. Any other item(s) deemed disruptive to the educational process or which pose a hazard.