• Walk on the right side of the hallway.

    • Students in the hallway during class time MUST have a hall pass, and they should proceed directly to their destination.

    • Horseplay and running are not permitted.

    • Do not stop to talk with your friends so as to block the flow of traffic.

    • A minimum noise level will be maintained.

    • Students will not congregate in groups.

    • Be courteous and respectful of all persons.

    • Do not block the doorway or corridor.

    If students are in the hallway during class time, before school, or after school, they should have a pass from the office or from a teacher (one student per hall pass). Students are to take care of their personal needs during passing periods. There will be an assigned time for students to take care of personal needs during class. If students must go at other times they must have a note from a physician detailing the medical problem requiring this or if an emergency exists.