Students should vacate the building by 3:20. Students should stay on the courtyard while waiting for the bus after school. Students may not leave campus or walk to any other part of the campus while waiting for the afternoon bus to arrive.

    Students who walk home should leave the campus by 3:20. They cannot stay on campus to visit with other students. Once students exit the building, they are not to re-enter without permission.

    Students may not enter the building in the morning until a duty teacher arrives at 7:40 a.m. Exceptions will be made for athletics, band, orchestra, and choir who have early morning practice or students who have a pass from a teacher for tutoring. On the days that the weather is wet or cold (below 32°), students will follow an alternative plan.

    Students will stay off the sidewalk going into the front entrance. This sidewalk needs to be clear at all times for teachers and guests to enter the building. Students will remain in the courtyard/tennis court areas in the morning before school.