• Digital Information

    Using Your Digital Device at School

    General care is expected when the digital device is issued. School issued digital devices will be transported in a backpack at all times. It is recommended when walking with the digital device in the bag, both straps should be over both shoulders and flat against the students back. The parent/guardian will be financially responsible for any damages resulting from poor or inadequate care of the computer. Digital devices are intended for use at school each day. Repeat violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action. 

    Using an Alternative Digital Device

    Students will not use another student’s digital device. If, for any reason, they do not have their own digital device the situation will be addressed. (See previous point.)

    Digital Device Needing/Undergoing Repair

    Students should check the digital device regularly for any damage, loose or missing screws, keys or ports. Digital devices that are broken or fail to work properly must be reported immediately. The following procedure will take place: 

    1. Student will submit a Tech Help Request from the media center page (www.fortsmithschools.org/domain/530). This can be done at any time day or night. 

    2. Someone in the Media Center will assess the request, call the student to the media center, and determine if the digital device will be repaired on site or sent off to technology for repairs.

    3. A loaner digital device will be issued with no penalty for Chromebooks needing repair and may be taken home until the repaired device is returned to the student.

    4. If a repair to the digital device has a fine, a bill will be taped to the top of the device when it is returned to the student. Students are expected to give this bill to their parent/guardian to begin the payment process. 

    5. Payments for damage to digital devices must be made to the financial secretary in the main office. Only checks or cash are accepted for payments.

    6. Bills for damages will be mailed home one time per semester to keep parents/guardians informed. 


    • Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver/wallpaper.
    • Presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions.

    Digital Devices in the Cafeteria

    Backpacks can be carried into the cafeteria. It must remain on both shoulders while going through the line. Both hands should be available for carrying food. At the table, the backpack should be placed on the floor at your feet. The bag should never be laid flat on the floor.

    Extra-Curricular Events

    Students are not permitted to take their digital device with them to extra-curricular events. Coaches/Sponsors will give specific instructions for storage of digital devices during away games. Digital devices are to be locked up in the participants’ PE/Athletic locker. If a student-athlete does not have a locker or a lock, the digital device is to be locked up in the coaches’ office.

    Loaner Policy

    1. Students are responsible for bringing their digital device to all classes fully charged at the beginning of the day. Violations to this policy will be documented, the student will be issued a loaner computer for the school day, and the student must return it at the end of the school day. Repeat violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

    2. If a student’s regularly issued digital device is in repair, the loaner device may be taken home until the regular issued device is back from repair.

    3. Students cannot change any settings on the loaner digital devices.

    Digital Device Privilege

    The digital device is restricted to educational purposes. Any other use is prohibited and can result in disciplinary action. School officials can search the digital device at any time. A student should expect no privacy with regard to the digital device. Students should keep all usernames and passwords private and should not give this information to anyone other than school officials and parents. Students are occasionally provided an alternate username and password. These usernames and passwords are generated for a specific reason. For example, students will be given an alternate login for standardized tests and updating digital devices for the network. Any other use of these usernames and passwords will result in discipline.

    Students and parents/guardian(s) must follow the terms, conditions, and policies communicated in both handbooks and the Parent Information and Use Agreement.