Students are not to be in the building before school except to eat breakfast. Once they have finished breakfast, they are to report to the courtyard or tennis court. When the bell rings for lunch, students should WALK to the cafeteria and form two (2) single file lines. Students should follow all directions of the cafeteria staff and teachers on duty. Line-cutting and place-holding is not permitted. Students are not to enter the serving area until directed to do so by the duty teacher. Students should make their selections quickly, and should only pick up food they intend to buy. Students will select a seat and will not move from the seat until it is time to leave the cafeteria. There should be no more than four students at a table. Students cannot share or trade food. Food and other objects are not to be thrown. When finished eating, students should clean up their tables (area). Students will raise their hand and wait to be dismissed. Students will push in their chair, and place the tray, dishes, and silverware in the appropriate areas. Students should then report to the courtyard or tennis court area. Students should use the restrooms in “F” and “G” hallways during breakfast and lunch. The courtyard, restrooms in “F” and “G” hallways and the cafeteria are the only areas students should be in during lunch. All other hallways and areas of the campus are restricted. 

    • Parents have the right to provide any food or beverage they desire for their child only. Parents may not provide food/beverage items to other children at school.

    • Parents must check any food items through the office. Students cannot pick up food items from cars.

    • Students are not allowed to share food.

    • Students who forget their lunch card will be allowed to eat.

    • A student cannot use another student’s ID.

    • Students cannot charge lunches or a la carte.

    • Students cannot enter serving areas from the cafeteria.

    Food or drinks are not to be taken out of the cafeteria. Soft drinks, such as Coke, Pepsi, etc. are not permitted in the cafeteria during breakfast or lunch unless purchased by the parent or guardian.